I like to think I always valued health and working prior out but just never made it a priority. I didn’t enjoy going to a gym simply because I didn’t know what to do. I looked “fine” but knew I could be in better shape and feel better about myself. Then I came to one of Susies bootcamp classes. I was blown away. It was challenging and fun all at the same time. She has such a positive mindset while making you want to do more and push yourself harder.
I have been attending Susies bootcamp classes for about 4 years now. Susie has equipped me with the confidence and knowledge of how to properly do workouts from anywhere and with whatever equipment I have. She constantly pushes me to do better and just a little bit more than I think I can. I have lost about 15 pounds and toned my body to the best shape of my life. I feel great! The biggest reason I continue to work out is for my mental health and clarity. I am so excited to continue my journey with SMASH Fitness working out to feel good, strong and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
– Rhianna
I have been attending SMASH Fitness before it was established. Since 2012, I’ve witness Susie transform herself and evolve her own style of training and classes.
I’ve had the privilege of Susie training me for my 1/2 marathon in addition to the Bootcamp classes I was taking. Susie has significantly helped me improve my running which was a goal of mine pushing me to my limits and beyond. Most days I hated it (and her lol) and dreaded the drills and workout but at the end of the session I can’t thank her enough.
If you attend one of her Bootcamp classes whether it be online or in person, you won’t be disappointed and you will definitely get more than you bargained for (in a love/hate kindof way)! Susie always has new innovative ways which is a good mixture of strength training and cardio. She challenges you beyond what you think your capable of. And if you continue stick with it, it becomes a little bit easier and you’ll start to look forward to what the next class will bring!
– Tara
Working with Susie (SMASH Fitness) has been such a lifestyle change for me these last 6 months. I randomly joined one of her online monthly challenges back in May, which turned into joining her in-person boot camps. I quickly fell in love with her style of coaching and her outlook on nutrition. Susie provides enthusiasm and encouragement to her clients, challenging you to push yourself when you can, along with modified workouts (when needed) and being sure to correct form to maximize the benefits of your exercise. She has completely helped me change my all-or-nothing dieting/fitness mindset to a balanced lifestyle that brings me joy and happiness. In 6 months I’ve lost 15 lbs, found a great routine of working out 4-5 days a week and I feel great. I can’t recommend Susie and SMASH Fitness enough!
 – Katie
Hands down the best and most qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor you will find.  If you know, you know.  In my forties and in the best shape of my life, even after 5 kids!
– Jill
Susie is an incredible fitness trainer.  I love the methods that she has used for me; a combination of sensible nutrition coaching, HIIT workouts, weight lifting and a dash of cardio.  She is knowledgeable in all of these areas and has adapted super effective programs that helped me to loose 30 lbs in one year.
Susies  enthusiasm and passion for helping people adapt a healthy active lifestyle is infectious and motivated me to set new goals every few weeks and push my personal boundaries.
THANK YOU Susie for helping me to build a stronger healthier body and increase my self confidence.
– Michelle
I finally joined the bootcamp in Millet after a couple of months of thinking on it, and I’m SO glad I did!
The community of women that come make it so much fun, and I’ve never worked harder!
Susie’s workouts are incredible! She pushes you to do better and to be better, but doesn’t over push when you really need a minute. She knows her stuff, is creative with her workouts and covers the full body.
I feel better, look better and have so much more energy! I’m truly so glad that I started working with Susie when I did!
– Amanda