“I have been going to Susie’s boot camp classes for over 2 years now and I have seen amazing results in my fitness level and overall health. Boot camp is never boring because every class is different and Susie can easily adapt to any fitness level. Susie’s support doesn’t end at the end of the class – she is always willing to share clean eating recipes and answers endless questions about eating habits!” ~ Stacey P. (Millet, AB)

“I have had the pleasure of taking Susie’s Bootcamp class for 3 years. I love that each class is different. You never know what to expect and it never gets boring!! Susie has so much knowledge, and a great understanding of how diet and nutrition must go hand in hand with a healthy exercise regime in order to reach your health goals. She is always happy to look at your diet, and give advise on what changes you need to make to reach your personal goals, whether that means increasing muscle mass, or changing your overall body composition. Susie has created a wonderful, fun, supportive atmosphere of “Boot Camp Family”, that help inspire one another and keep each other accountable.” ~ Erin M. (Millet, AB)

“Susie is an amazing trainer, who is extremely supportive and encouraging in helping to meet your goals no matter how big or small.  Her knowledge of health and fitness is unbelievably helpful, and she is always there to answer any question you might have.  Susie never repeats a workout which makes it more enjoyable and always keeps us wondering what she has in store at every class.  Susie has definitely helped me in making a better version of myself and for that I am hugely grateful :)” ~ Cindy K. (Millet, AB)

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