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Hi there, I’m Susie!

I am a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness Instructor and have had the opportunity over the past 20 years to work with individuals of every fitness level and ability to help change their lives and achieve their goals! 

I believe that there are 3 necessary pillars to achieving your health and fitness goals- MINDSET, TRAINING & NUTRITION! 

I am passionate about health and fitness as a lifestyle and it is my mission is to educate, empower and inspire you to put these 3 pillars together and build life changing habits to help you achieve your goals and be the BEST version of yourself that you possibly can! 

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Preparation + Consistency = SUCCESS! 

“Hands down the best and most qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor you will find.  If you know, you know.  In my forties and in the best shape of my life, even after 5 kids!” 

— Testimonial from Jill

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Time Management!

So I’ve got a couple of different lifestyle, fitness and nutrition challenges going right now and something that seems to be common ground for EVERYONE is that there’s not enough time in the day! I get it- life is busy! Between kids, work, school, volunteering, commitments and everything else that gets thrown at us,  it’s…

What is this “Transformation Challenge” all about?!

“Tell me more about your challenge transformation program- what’s that all about?” I get asked this daily! So here you go- I have a Spring Transformation Challenge starting May 6 and here’s what it’s all about! My group challenge programs are a group of focused individuals who are seriously READY to commit to their health…

MINDSET (yup, again!)

  Here we go again with the mindset chat! 😂   I know this is something I’ve gone over a few times, but HONESTLY if you’re not in the right mindset for change, it just won’t happen. Mindset is something that you will always need to work on. It is a constant work in progress,…