I have been attending SMASH Fitness before it was established. Since 2012, I’ve witness Susie transform herself and evolve her own style of training and classes. 

I’ve had the privilege of Susie training me for my 1/2 marathon in addition to the Bootcamp classes I was taking. Susie has significantly helped me improve my running which was a goal of mine pushing me to my limits and beyond. Most days I hated it (and her lol) and dreaded the drills and workout but at the end of the session I can’t thank her enough. 

If you attend one of her Bootcamp classes whether it be online or in person, you won’t be disappointed and you will definitely get more than you bargained for (in a love/hate kindof way)! Susie always has new innovative ways which is a good mixture of strength training and cardio. She challenges you beyond what you think your capable of. And if you continue stick with it, it becomes a little bit easier and you’ll start to look forward to what the next class will bring!