What is this “Transformation Challenge” all about?!

“Tell me more about your challenge transformation program- what’s that all about?” I get asked this daily!

So here you go- I have a Spring Transformation Challenge starting May 6 and here’s what it’s all about!

My group challenge programs are a group of focused individuals who are seriously READY to commit to their health and fitness. By ready, I mean that they have thought about this for a while, they have possibly tried certain nutrition or fitness programs without success and they are truly ready and willing to put in the effort to learn long term habits to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

When you commit you must understand that this is not a “quick fix” program. Throughout the course of our training I teach you effective training protocols, proper but flexible and maintainable nutrition and, most importantly, mindset wellness tools for positive and long term changes that will absolutely have you well on your way to achieving your goals!

I believe in balanced and functional workouts which include doing things you enjoy.

I believe in whole, nutrient dense, minimally processed nutrition (with the ability to enjoy life  with a glass of wine or a piece of cake when you want it!)

I believe that mindset is the most important pillar in achieving your health and fitness goals and I focus on this through different techniques within my training.

In my program you will get personalized training with progression and variation. You are kept accountable to get the workouts in and track them through an app which schedules your weekly calendar with your specified workouts for the week. All exercises have videos to show you proper form and technique. We do two check ins per week to make sure  you’re on track and I am available 24/7 for questions or concerns.

You will also receive personalized nutrition coaching through tracking your macros specific to your own needs and goals. You are kept accountable through an app in which I check daily for accountability and guidance. You will learn how to maintain your nutrition as a lifestyle- no quick diets here!

We will work on your mindset and forming habits through weekly goals setting, self improvement and positivity – all important factors in becoming the best version of yourself!

You will also get to be a part of an amazing community of likeminded people who are in a similar journey to achieving their health and fitness goals. There is support, motivation, encouragement and accountability within this group and you are supported 100% of the way!

My passion is helping people to feel their absolute best – both physically and mentally. Your health is the most important investment you can make! Whatever your “why” – the real and driving reason you want to change- I can absolutely help you get there!

Excuses or Solutions- you decide!

Let me know if you’re READY!



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