MINDSET (yup, again!)


Here we go again with the mindset chat! 😂


I know this is something I’ve gone over a few times, but HONESTLY if you’re not in the right mindset for change, it just won’t happen. Mindset is something that you will always need to work on. It is a constant work in progress, but the more aware you are of where your mindset is at, the more likely you are to be consistent in your progress with achieving your goals!


Here are some habits to practice to change your mindset to live a happy and healthy life!


1) Envision your best life!

What would your life be like if you put in place and stayed consistent with your healthy habits?

Be specific- how would your life improve?


Would you feel more comfortable in your skin? Would you have more energy?

Would you sleep better?

Would you be happier?

Would you be a better wife, mother, friend?


2) Believe in your goals and your vision!

Truly believe in yourself that you CAN make it happen. It is so important to believe in yourself! Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you and that do truly believe in you.

Keep your vision clear and in front of you by doing a vision board or a daily journal.


3)Believe that you are in control!

You absolutely have the control to accomplish your goals, whatever you set your mind to you are capable of! But… you must also take responsibility for your actions- both positive and negative. No excuses, no blaming, just responsibility.

“I didn’t have time to meal prep” – excuse.

You can find a half an hour in your week to boil some eggs, cook some quinoa or oats, cut up some veggies and throw some chicken in the oven.

“I didn’t make meal prep a priority”- responsibility.

You chose something else over taking the time to get some meal prep done. Just own it and move forward.


4) Learn how to cope!

How do you respond to the stresses in your life? Be aware of your emotional response to stress.

Do you turn to comfort food after a bad day?

Do you shut down when you feel overwhelmed?

Do you quit when you start to feel unmotivated or when life is too busy or stressful?


There are ALWAYS going to be stresses in our lives! Things constantly change – they get better, they get worse- you must learn what works for YOU to cope with these stresses.

Exercise, meditation, preparation, planning, scheduling, and consistency no matter what the situation are a few of the ways to help manage stress. Find what helps you to cope and stick with it.


5) Focus on solutions not excuses

We use excuses for a few reasons:

-because we are afraid to fail. Excuses give us permission to to not try or to give up- but it’s ok to fail!! It’s part of the learning process – learn from your mistakes and again, move forward.

-because we are lazy. Lack of self discipline leads to excuses. When you don’t feel like doing your workout or meal prep, instead of saying “I don’t have time” say “it’s not a priority right now.” Be real and honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable!

-because we are not ready for change. If you’re not in the right mindset for change and to get out of your comfort zone it is easy to make excuses. If it truly is important to you, you will make it a priority. Focus on a solution and look for the positive as to WHY it SHOULD be a priority.


6) Be prepared and take action!

To be successful with your goals you must create a plan, prepare for change and take action! *Nothing changes if nothing changes!*

Write down your “why”. Write down your goals. Write down your plan. Take action, one small step at a time. A little progress weekly turns into big goals accomplished!


7) Practice gratitude!

Focusing on positivity and being grateful for all that life gives us is a huge contributor to the mind shift that will get you through those difficult times. Take time daily to think about what you are grateful for- lessons learned included! Write them in your journal. Thinking positive and looking for the good in things will change your mindset which in turn will help you to change your life with healthy and intentional habits. 😊


8) Reward yourself for progress!

You’ve set your goals, you’ve made a plan, you’ve followed through and you see the progress- well of course you deserve a reward!! Give yourself a deadline for a specific goal and reward yourself once that goal is met. Who doesn’t want a new workout shirt or a girls night out?! Try not to make food your reward- although if that’s what you want as a reward then everything in moderation, right?! Just be careful not to deprive yourself to achieve your goal and then binge!


Once again guys, I’m here for whatever you need. I know that each one of you is capable of success with your goals and I am happy to help you in any way possible!


Susie ♥️

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