“Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to the result”

Love this quote! 

How do you keep yourself accountable to your goals? 

We are well on our way in our Countdown to Christmas Partner Challenge- these participants are seriously crushing it so far! 

The goal of this challenge is to stay on track with health and fitness leading up to and into the holiday season. We are doing this through a group challenge where each team of partners has different weekly challenges they must complete. 

Here’s where the accountability comes in…BOTH partners must complete each challenge in order for the team to qualify for weekly and grand prizes! 

I know for most people it’s not about the actual prizes, but mostly about not letting your partner down by not getting done what needs to be done. But not only does having someone to stay accountable to hold you responsible to your commitments, it also gives you someone to talk to and support you through your journey. 


Here are a few more ways we are using in our challenge to stay on track with our goals:

1) Journal – journaling your goals- long term and short term- your weekly workouts, your daily nutrition and your weekly and monthly progress is a fantastic way to stay accountable to yourself. It is also super beneficial to journal how you are feeling- after your workouts, when you stay on track with nutrition and also when you don’t. If you are consistent with this you will have a better idea of what is holding you back from achieving your goals. 

2) Weekly calendar or schedule – plan out your entire week including your workouts, meal prep, meditation time. Schedule these in like an appointment you can’t miss (like a meeting with a boss) and stay accountable to it by checking off each activity. Planning and preparation equals success! 

3) Weekly check in – check in with either a trainer, coach, a partner or just with yourself! Look at your weekly goals – did you accomplish what you set out to do this week? Look at your long term goals- are you on the right path to achieving these? What can you do this week to get you closer to them? 

4) Rewards – reward yourself for ALL of the wins- big and small!  Did you get all your workouts in this week? Reward yourself with a new water bottle! Did you accomplish your monthly goal? Reward yourself with a new workout top! **Try not to let food be your reward**  I absolutely believe in balance and moderation- if you really want to eat something don’t wait until you’ve “earned” it – have a bit and then you won’t crave it until you binge on it! (And this is a whole other blog post 🤣).

Stay accountable- tie the commitment to the result!  

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