What is your passion?! 

 We all have our favourite things that we love to do that make us our happy selves! As you may have guessed, my passion is health and fitness. 😜

 How blessed am I that I get to do what I love every single day?! Seriously grateful for this! 

 I have, for as long as I can remember, always loved being active – from gymnastics to baseball to basketball – but my passion really started with running. I started running when I was 12 years old and I have never stopped! 


I can’t even tell you how many races I’ve done over the years- and I love a good race- but for me it’s more about the training. Running is my sanity. It’s my time to think, to clear my head and to recharge. No matter if I can’t wait to get out or if I have to talk myself into it (yes, we all have those days), I always know how amazing I will feel when I’m done my 7km, 10km, 15km or whatever my distance for that day might be. I push myself to do my best every time I’m out there- to beat myself and no one else, (well, ok maybe I want to beat my brother, just a little!)


 So guess what…I have another passion- lifting! Yup- I love the feeling during and after of a good resistance training session. Feeling strong and challenging myself with new workouts, exercises and weights regularly  – definitely another sanity for me and if I miss a workout I feel like a part of my day is missing! (This is where I’d love all of my clients to be! 😉

 It’s taken some time but I feel like I’ve found a pretty great balance between running and lifting them see the results I want to see physically while building muscle, but also improving my endurance and race times. Balance is achievable and I feel pretty dang good with all of it- mentally and physically! 

 So finally to get to my point😆

 Find your passions.  Feed your passions. Make your passions work together. Find balance. Do your very best at whatever you do. Make yourself happy with doing what you love. But mostly, always know that to live your passions daily is absolutely possible! 

 Set goals. 

SMASH goals. 

 As always- I’m here to help you with all of your fitness and nutrition goals! Shoot me a line with any questions or for a complimentary fitness or nutrition consult. instagram 

SMASH Fitness Facebook  


❤️ Susie 

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