As my 12 week Transformation Challenge is winding down, (only a week and a half left!), I find myself looking back on the progress made by each and every individual in my challenge and feeling so proud. The determination and commitment this group of awesome people has had to this challenge has been amazing to me. 

When I accepted each person I made sure that they understood that it was a full 3 month commitment- to me, to themselves and to the program. There have absolutely been  a few bumps in the road- work commitments, holidays and even one back injury 😩– but I can honestly say that each and every one of these participants has put in the effort to change their life. To incorporate clean, yet flexible and maintainable, nutrition through meal planning and macro tracking. To plan and schedule their week to fit in their specific training programs that I’ve designed for them. To make goals- weekly and monthly and follow through. To be accountable to me and to themselves. 

Through this commitment they are crushing their goals and seeing results- both physically and mentally. 

This Challenge- and any of my programs- are not meant to be a quick fix for fast results. My goal with each and every amazing person I work with is to coach them to long term success through balance, proper and sustainable nutrition, proper exercise programming and intensity, proper mindset focus and working through obstacles so that they have the tools and knowledge to get through whatever life throws at them and to NEVER. STOP. PROGRESSING.

I could not be more proud and my hope is that each and every one of them take the foundation from this 12 week journey and continue to SMASH each and every goal they ever set! 💪


Susie ❤️

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