Want to truly succeed at your goals? Of course you do! Mindset is the most important of 3 pillars of achieving your health and fitness goals. (The other two being nutrition and training of course 😉). 


It’s something that doesn’t get talked about enough, but it is usually the main thing that will keep you from accomplishing your goals.  Once you master your mindset the rest seems to fall into place! 


Mindset includes attributes such as discipline, determination and motivation. 

It’s important for you to know your “why” and what will motivate you to stick with your plans to achieve your goals so that you can clearly focus on and visualize the end results. 

Write your “why” down and make it visible to you on a daily basis. 


-What is my goal? 

-Why do I want this? 

-How am I going to achieve this? 

-Who can I look to for motivation and encouragement? 

-How do I feel when I accomplish small victories daily and weekly? 

-How do I feel when I get off track? 


There are going to be bad days, even bad weeks, but you need to have the ability to change your mindset to POSITIVE!!

If you’ve had a bad day or week it’s so easy to focus on the negative- we all do – it’s human nature. You need to be able to turn it around and look at the positive. 


For example:


Negative: “I didn’t get all my workouts in this week”

Positive: “I at least got a couple workouts in this week” (something is always better than nothing!)


Negative: “I didn’t get my meal prep done so my eating is not going to be great this week”

Positive: “I will still make the best possible choices I can this week” (always a chance to make the right decisions!)


Negative: “my macros were all off this week”

Positive: “I still stayed within my caloric goals and will make a plan next week to make sure they are balanced” (always a chance to get better!)


Focusing on the positive will help you not to feel discouraged when things don’t go as planned- which will inevitably happen! There are holidays, celebrations, and unexpected happenings. Having the right mindset will help you to better deal with these things. 

This whole “fitness and nutrition “ thing is ongoing. It is a lifestyle- not a quick fix or a temporary change. You have to realize that if you can honestly do your best 80% of the time that you will absolutely achieve your goals ! And then you’ll make new goals, and smash those too! This life is ever changing and you are ever evolving into a better version of you. 

So know that throughout your journey there will absolutely be ups and downs, good days and bad days, but there is ALWAYS a chance to change your perspective, to think about your why and to do your very best! 


As always I’m here to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding training, nutrition, mindset or smashing those goals! 






Susie Meyers Athletics Strength and Health 

(SMASH Fitness) 




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