I’m with the band…


Resistance bands!! This is one of my favourite pieces of equipment these days. I use them at the gym in my own workouts, with my clients and even my boot-campers are loving them! 😉

They are  great addition to strength training, mobile, easily stored and perfect for at home, hotel or gym training. 


Resistance bands are rubber bands that, when positioned properly, will add extra resistance challenge to your movements and are a great way to target and activate muscles that might be under stimulated. The added resistance of a band requires activation of small accessory muscles for stabilization that will help with muscle imbalances, poor posture and will really get you feeling those larger muscles! 

When positioned properly the band will provide stretch resistance against the movement you are performing which will give you added load to your muscles thus giving you more strengthening and toning. 


There are many types and sizes of bands with different resistances from “extra heavy” to “light”. What type you choose will depend on what exercises you want to focus on. My favourite – well at least the ones I use most- are the round flat loop bands. (Extra heavy resistance of course!). Click here for the set!


We use the bands on our legs (just above the knee) for added glute activation. Some of the exercises we do are:

-banded squats

-lateral movements such as shuffles

-glute hip raise

-glute kickbacks

-seated or standing abduction 


We also use them for upper body work (just above the wrists) for added resistance. Some of the exercises we do are:

-banded push-ups 

-bicep curls 

-overhead tricep extensions 

-overhead press

-lat pulls 


The important thing is to choose the band that works best for you and what you are wanting to accomplish in your workouts. Make sure to consider size, quality, type, and resistance level when purchasing the right band for you. 

I highly recommend trying to incorporate this added challenge to any of your workouts. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll feel those muscles differently the next day! 


As always, I’m here to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding training, nutrition, mindset or smashing those goals! 

Drop me a line 

@smash.fitness on instagram 

Susie Meyers Athletics Strength and Health (SMASH)on Facebook 





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